Surviving November

Hit and Miss #217

HELLO! I’m writing to you late, after a nourishing weekend of housework, walking, and friends (new and old alike). I’m leaving October on a high.

With luck, that high will carry me well through November. But it’s a tough month. November is the first month of Vonnegut’s season of “locking” (or Vermont’s “stick season”)—the leaves are gone, but the snow’s not yet here; the days are short and often overcast; and there are no holidays to celebrate (at least, not here).

Nonetheless, I’m resolved to get through November with as good a spirit as I can muster. I’ve put together a “November survival guide”, a list of activities to set myself right when the world knocks me awry.

One of the main enablers is to be decisive. Rather than fretting over what to do, it’s to quickly move to something. Here are just some of those possibilities from my list:

And, for many more ideas, Caitlyn Greffly asked for what to “do in the evening after work that doesn’t involve screens”.

How do you get through November? Or do you love it? (If so, please tell me why!) Here’s to a hopefully all-good month :) All the best for the week ahead!