Therapeutic things

Reminders of what I find relaxing

As a note to self and in no particular order, here are activities I find relaxing:

  • Caring for leather shoes or boots
  • Oiling wooden countertops or cutting boards
  • Watching birds in Strathcona Park
  • Standing at the lookout behind the Supreme Court
  • Eating a bowl of pasta with sauce
  • Watching an episode of Star Trek (any episode, any series)
  • Looking at maps, like the one of Ottawa hanging above my desk
  • Skimming through a book I’ve previously annotated1
  • Sketching letters (especially a double-story ‘a’)
  • Walking (just about anywhere, but especially these routes)
  • Eating a clementine in the winter
  • Handwashing a few items of clothing
  • Holding Madness, Rack, and Honey, by Mary Ruefle, in my hands (it’s the perfectly sized book)
  1. So any book I’ve read, really.