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Hit and Miss #181

It’s “cold” but not really cold today. After a few months of winter, the body adjusts—what feels unacceptably frigid in early fall becomes a pleasant winter day. I’m in the front room, sun streaming in and window open wide. My feet are chilled but my core is warm, and I’m enjoying the contrast.

About this time last year, I saw the signs of spring. We’re not quite there, yet it feels close. A run of zero-ish weather will start to melt the snow, yielding weeks of slush and puddles. I overlook this part of winter, the inevitable counterpoint to frigid days and accumulating snow, the cycle nearing its yearly completion.

I reminded myself earlier of what I find relaxing, casting for something to ground me. (I’m okay, on the whole—don’t fret!) While my list of therapeutic things does help, I think it’s missing a preface on context. Remember: when you’re a bit down, don’t carry on with an empty stomach, make sure you’re drinking water, and so on, if you can help it. Therapeutic activities need a healthy host to do their best work.

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All the best for the week ahead.