Spring, feelings, readings

Hit and Miss #129

Maybe the groundhog was right—spring feels on its way. We’ve a run of above-zero days, the Canal has closed “until further notice”, and the air is gradually hosting more birdsong. Oh, and the days are steadily lengthening.

The river near my apartment has kept large patches of open water this winter—a change from last year, when it maintained its frozen breadth into the first weeks of March. It wasn’t until the second week of March that I noticed the signs of spring last year. Year to year, the dates change, but the signs remain similar. (No doubt long term these patterns will shift—thanks, climate change.)

But this is Ottawa. There’ll be more snow yet, likely an April ice storm or two before everything opens back up. And I’m okay with that. While winter invariably gets me down a bit with the darkness and closedness, it’s a comfy season, manageable like no other.

That said, I have been living a bit of a malaise the past few weeks, except during my visit to Waterloo. Focus has been hard to come by, at least where I feel I need it most, with my school work.

Work work is easy enough to focus on—it’s clear what I’m driving toward, how I can contribute, and so on. And side projects exert their incessant tug. (My latest has focused on facilitating access to written questions in the House of Commons. You can browse a database of the questions and their answers if you’d like.)

But school hasn’t felt as compelling as it has in years past, despite my interest in everything I’m studying. Maybe it’s fatigue with learning according to somebody else’s plan, excellent though those plans are. Or maybe it’s just fatigue—it’s been a while.

Anyway, that’s what I’m struggling with today. But things have a way of working out—I’m not worried, just bothered.

What reading to share, that more personal bit aside? (And thank you for bearing with me.)

Okay friends, I’m off, back to work for the day—thanks, as always, for following along. All the best for the week ahead!