The 80s and links

Hit and Miss #76


I’m briefly back in Waterloo to celebrate my birthday, so (out of necessity, out of luxury) I’m often driving and listening to the radio.

My favourite radio station is hosting a “Totally 80s Family Day Long Weekend”. On Friday morning, the host named some TV shows and movies from the 80s. I smiled as I realized how many were major parts of my (very much not 80s) childhood. Some favourite movies from the decade:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Dead Poets Society
  • Die Hard
  • Trading Places
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Footloose
  • Field of Dreams
  • Beverly Hills Cop
  • St. Elmo’s Fire (and John Hughes movies, with caveats)
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • The Princess Bride

Some of these movies haven’t aged well, or need to be taken with a grain of salt. But I think that each of these shows still holds up well:

  • M*A*S*H (a 70s show, but the last few seasons and the finale were in the right decade)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Golden Girls
  • Murder, She Wrote

The movies and TV shows (and books and music) of our younger years can crystallize within us, becoming a comfortable home to which we return repeatedly (or randomly). I don’t keep up with new TV shows or movies (except for some CBC comedies), but I always enjoy making time to rewatch an old favourite. This isn’t to say that I won’t return to recent movies, nor do I want to overindulge in nostalgic celebration of childhood, but there’s a definite magic to the enduring influence of your younger years.

Because I’ve already shared two lists with you, and the world loves trios, here’s another list of links to read:

Okay, I’m off! Tomorrow I’m taking the train back to Ottawa and reading the whole way—delightful. All the best for the week ahead!