Repeated experiences

Hit and Miss #54

I recently questioned myself for wanting to rewatch an episode from a favourite TV show. Why waste the chance to explore some of the almost unlimited variety of books, TV, and film available to me? With so much out there, I thought, why would I return to something I’ve already seen?

I realized, then, that I actually appreciate repeated experiences the most. This extends beyond cultural experiences, like reading or watching or listening. When I walk, I often take one of a handful of routes. Though this may exhaust some, I enjoy seeing the little changes that pile up over time, how the landscape slowly morphs through the seasons and the years. (It helps that Ottawa has so many great places through which to walk.)

The search for the new and possibly exciting is exhausting; the ability to return to a known-good experience is comforting.

Though it’s too hot for a nice walk tonight, I plan to settle down with a familiar film—likely a Hugh Grant favourite. And I look forward to more of the same in the future!

All the best for the week ahead.


PS: Check out this great post from Austin Kleon on reconsidering Billy Joel, which includes a picture of Billy Joel sitting on a motorcycle with a pug in a sidecar. I’d add this profile of Joel for your consideration.