Doors Open (online)

Hit and Miss #196

Hi there!

This weekend is normally one of my favourites in Ottawa: Doors Open, when numerous interesting organizations, big and small, open their doors to provide public access to rarely seen spaces.

As I wrote two years ago, it’s a great initiative: we have so many interesting spaces—many of them paid for with public funds—that are accessible to only a select few. Would that it were possible to see them more often; alas, we settle for the morsels we get.

This year, you can check out the 2021 Doors Open Ottawa virtual tours.

Favourites from past years include:

Also of note (to some) is the construction update on the Centre Block of Parliament Hill (gets good around 2:00).

It’s awfully hot out today, so maybe enjoy some touring from your (hopefully comfortable) home. All the best for the week ahead!