Doors Open

Hit and Miss #91

Today’s clouds seem to extend to my mind. Some notes:

  • Yesterday I visited Library and Archives Canada and a branch of the Library of Parliament. Today, I’ll tour the National Arts Centre. Behind-the-scenes access (or, in the case of the Library of Parliament, public access) to these locations is extended once a year, during Doors Open. An initiative coordinated by the Ontario Heritage Trust, Doors Open encourages us to visit spaces we might not otherwise. There’s usually a historical bent to the locations—it warms my heart to see and hear folks walking around the city discussing its histories.
  • Visiting the libraries yesterday, I recalled the value of beautiful, easily accessed public spaces. You can access Library and Archives, but it requires talking with a security guard. The Library of Parliament, on the other hand, is closed to the public. (I dislike exceedingly expensive architectural projects funded by the public that are then closed to the public.) Touring these places furthered my interest in the Ottawa Central Public Library project—it’s meant as a place for all, and you can participate in its design.

I meant to say more than this, but here we are. As always, I encourage you to engage with history and to celebrate public spaces.

All the best for the week ahead!