Walking routes

A list of (roughly described) routes that I enjoy

For my and others’s reference, I maintain a list of walking routes that I particularly enjoy.1


  • Across the Strathcona Park bridge, up toward the old railway bridge beside the expressway, across the bridge, and back down to the park.
  • Across the sidewalk of the lawn of Parliament from the East to West blocks, turning right at Bank to go around the Confederation Building, going behind the Supreme Court to stand at the lookout, and back up Wellington (but on the street sidewalk this time, to admire the buildings facing Parliament).
  • Walking up toward Main from the expressway underpass near SITE, then walking up Main past St. Paul University to Riverdale Avenue, then turning up it, deciding eventually to cross over to the Canal and to then continue up Elgin.


  • The Northlake loop.
  • Zigzagging through the streets from MacGregor up to Young, then crossing into Waterloo Park, walking around it counter-clockwise, trailing along the water’s edge before dashing across Bridgeport to the Library.
  1. Some of these may be too roughly explained to be of much use. But that’s reason enough to try them out, perhaps finding your own version in the process! Or, maybe we should schedule a walk together. I love adding new routes, or revisiting old ones!