Lucas Cherkewski 


The same things in new places, essentially.

Professionally, I’m working at the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) for the summer. CDS is improving how the Canadian government creates digital services. It’s an exciting opportunity to combine my interest in policy with my experience in web development. I’m helping the policy team to support our delivery teams—we find what works and what doesn’t in existing policy, sharing the former and trying to overcome the latter.

Academically, I’m documenting my findings from a small research project into Ontario teachers and educational computing in the 1980s. By sharing them online, I hope to enable other interested researchers. It’s part of my summer project to better tend my website.

Personally, I’m enjoying the mild weather, walking and talking with friends. To my ongoing surprise, I’ve been publishing an email newsletter every week. Every week I wonder whether I’ll know what to say next, but something always tumbles out (whether for better or for worse I leave as an exercise to the reader to decide).

Though I’m starting a new job, which has its own workload associated, this all feels like a time of relaxation and decompression. The last term weighed on me at times; this summer seems a good time to release that weight.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.
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