Where I’m at, from a few different angles.

Re-learning how to relax. Last time I updated this page (seven months ago!), I prefaced it with “More of the same”. That’s a fair descriptor for where I’m at now, too. What’s different, though, is that I’m returning to the same with the benefit of experience and (hopefully refreshed) eyes. You have better a chance to shift the familiar if you’ve been there before, y’know?

Professionally, I’m returning to full-time work at the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) until the end of April. My experience working with CDS over the last few months has rewarded me significantly. I look forward to more of the same, but also to being more effective at my work—and thus able to find ways to make that work easier for others.

Academically, I’m taking a break. I may work at a few academia-adjacent projects, like my analysis of speeches from the throne, or I may just let myself take a few months to breathe.

Personally, I’m getting ready for winter. Winter is hard—it’s cold and dark, people are harder to find, and you struggle to find the energy to engage strongly with the world. But I plan to do my best to turn that energy inward, to better engage with myself (and thus the world). It’s been a tricky little while, and I’m hoping to build a better independent base for myself. Expect to see more activity around here (including the recently-developed links section).

That said, I’m also wary of becoming a social hermit, so if you’d like to get together—whether we see each other all the time or it’s been a while—please reach out. If you’d like to hear more of where I’m at, I publish a weekly email newsletter. Every week I wonder whether I’ll know what to say next, but something always tumbles out (whether for better or for worse I’m not quite sure).

The last few months have weighed on me. I’ve been tired in both a micro and a macro sense. There’ve certainly been moments of lightness, ones in which that tiredness has faded away, but on the whole it’s all been a bit much. Most of all, I plan in the months ahead to re-learn how to relax, to regularly reclaim that lightness—here’s hoping!

Things interesting me at the moment:

  • Winter—the quiet, the cold, the space for solitude.
  • Literature—I’ve tended toward non-fiction for years, but I’m once again attracted to the potential of stories.
  • Italian—it’s a familiar but foreign language, one I’m enjoying exploring.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.