Lucas Cherkewski 


New year, new me? Hardly so—I keep plugging away.

Professionally, I’m gearing up to find a co-op job for next summer. I’d like to combine my interest in policy with my experience as a web developer. How or if that will manifest, I’m still sorting out. I’m also doing some small projects before school gets too heavy.

Academically, I’m working on my small research project into Ontario teachers and educational computing in the 1980s. I’m analysing my findings, considering their implications for the history of education and today’s “edtech” conversations.

Personally, I’m reading ravenously: revisiting old favourites and discovering new ones, I’m enjoying myself in the process. It feels good to read. Much to my own surprise, I’ve been publishing an email newsletter every week. I don’t know if this regular practice is producing improvement, but I’m hopeful.

This feels like a time of change. Maybe it’s the wishfulness of a new year or the optimism of a new term (an optimism whose intensity inevitably tames as deadlines approach). Looking around I see friends carving out interesting niches; reflecting on myself, I find shoots of my own. It’s winter now—perhaps by spring, something will have grown.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.
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