A day off

Hit and Miss #87

It’s May. (!!!) It’s been a packed week.

There’s something I want to write about social balance and reconfiguration. My patterns of socializing have shifted over the years, in recent months especially, and I’m starting to account for those changes. But today isn’t the day to write about that, not yet. I’m digesting some ideas and need more time to think.

Today is a bright day, one for play. It’s a day off for me, and I’m going to make it a day off for this newsletter, too. Probably I’ll pass some of the afternoon in my favourite bookstore. But before I do, here’s a thought from Erin Glass worth pondering:

what if public libraries were open late every night and we could engage in public life there instead of having to choose between drinking at the bar and domestic isolation

All the best for the week ahead!