Hit and Miss #66

Hi there!

I’m writing later than usual today, as I’ve been deep in work on various exams and final projects. I also, I’m afraid, don’t have anything coherent to say this week. (This is a shocker, I know.) My brain’s been a bit preoccupied, unfortunately. Everything feels scattered right now, but piece by piece I’m putting it back together. By this time next week, I’ll be back in Waterloo—here’s hoping that offers a chance for some rest. (And if you’ll be around, let’s get together! I want to fill my days with friends.)

In honour of my scattered brain, then, I have only these four random tidbits for you:

  • As a friend put it last night, Springsteen is “unironically good”. I quite agree. For those who are skeptical, I offer this touching review by Hinton Als. (Sidenote to my random tidbit: Nebraska is an excellent album for those days when you need a bit of help lifting your mood above the gloomy weather.)
  • Following a suggestion from Mita Williams’s newsletter, University of Winds, I set up Google Alerts for some of my random interests. I’ve found them a great way to stay on top of local news that’d otherwise be hard to locate. (For example, I have one for “Ottawa Public Library”—I’ve learned a bunch about plans for the new central branch, and about other interesting activities going on.)
  • Through one of those Google Alerts (this one was for “Sandy Hill”, the neighbourhood in which I live), I found an article that, well, the headline says it all: “The time we nearly filled in that ‘practically useless stretch of waterway’ known as the Rideau Canal”. I’ve crossed the Canal several times since reading it, and, whew, that’d’ve been a bad move.
  • Finally, Library and Archives Canada has been sharing a fun video to Instagram each day, in a 24 days of LAC series. Though you may not share my deep love for libraries (and LAC in particular), you might find the videos as interesting as I do.

Okay, I’m off to walk and decompress. Wishing you a lovely evening (or at least the best that you can muster), and all the best for the week ahead!


P.S. This time of year can be rough for many reasons—exams, holidays, etc. If ever you’re in need of someone to chat to, even if it’s been a while or we don’t talk much, I’m around. Also, tell the people you love that you love them while they’re around.