Hit and Miss #62


I’ve been redesigning my personal site, and with it I’ve been considering what I admire about the web. One of those things has always been blogging—something I’m trying to do more frequently, with some success.

In that spirit, I’ve been preparing a blogroll to share on my site. For me, a blogroll is the list of sites I turn to when wanting something to read online. Here, in no particular order, are some of the people whose sites I’ll list on mine:

There’s a pretty heavy “people who make the web” tilt to these names, which should come as no surprise, and, though I haven’t tallied it up, there’s likely not a perfect gender balance. This is still a work in progress (it always will be), but consider this list of names as a sample of the people I go to when I need to read something, whether to learn or to be inspired or to be challenged. Maybe a name or two in there can do the same for you.

If you have any recommendations of blogs you read, please do share! All the best for the week ahead.