Three pairs of links

Hit and Miss #59


The day—no, weekend—no, week slipped away from me, hence my late Sunday writing. Three pairs of links for you:

  1. For those interested in digital government and the digital delivery space: Jennifer Pahlka explores the moral implications of tech work and Public Digital shares their updated list of “internet-era ways of working”. (bonus link: the History of the Web is a newsletter/blog with so many interesting stories about our medium)
  2. Mandy Brown writes about time: what “forever” means online and how procrastinating is disrespect for the future. (please note the late hour of this newsletter—procrastination is alive and well!)
  3. Strategies to stay sane: Tim Wu praises the hobby, found via Austin Kleon’s newsletter issue “No time for despair”. (that newsletter came at a perfect point for me—things have been bleak at times lately with all the climate change news and so on)

That’s all from me for now! Please enjoy the words of these fine folks. All the best for the week ahead.