Newsletter recommendations

Hit and Miss #5

Good morning!

It’s a long weekend here and this newsletter is nice and short. Too much time off means too little time to write, apparently :)

I thought I’d share a list of newsletters I particularly enjoy. Each of them is written by a person, with no institution or brand at play. Reading them makes me happy. In a way, these all inspire my own newsletter—I aspire to be as worth reading as they are. If any interest you, consider checking them out:

  • Mandy Brown: Insightful commentary on systemic issues troubling society, book analyses, and cocktails. (If you subscribe to just one, I’d make it this one.)
  • Austin Kleon: An interesting list every week, containing book recommendations and other advice for living a fuller life.
  • Melissa Gira Grant: Insight on sex work and human rights, including behind-the-scenes thoughts on writing and neat desk photos.
  • Jamelle Bouie: Recipes, photos, and a collection of interesting articles to read every week.
  • Jack Cheng: An intimate perspective on the writing process, always with interesting snapshots of life during the previous week.
  • Deb Chachra: Critical technology commentary from the academic perspective, among other neat tidbits.

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving weekend, I want to thank you for subscribing to my newsletter—you don’t know how much it means to me that you’re willing to give some time and space to me. You’re awesome.

That’s all for today! Have a great week.

Sent from Waterloo, Ontario on October 8th, 2017. Written on the backroads between Hamilton and Waterloo.