Humbly human

Hit and Miss #45

Hi there,

Heat tires me. Combined with a lack of food or water, it can also inflame my temper. Aware of these risks, I tend to retreat into myself more when it’s hot, becoming ever more careful and critical of my behaviour.

Three links for you this week, on being careful to remember our humanity.

One, an exploration of the changing meaning of “public” in a digital age. Digital media change what we can know of others and how easily we can know it. How do we respect individual understandings of privacy when the line between public and private is increasingly blurred? Can we?

Two, a critique of venture capital’s self-absolution of responsibility for its investments. Finance and venture capital, for better or worse, drive many collective and individual decisions. What do we lose when those with vast amounts of capital don’t care for the people affected by their investments?

Three, a reminder of the limits of personal experience. We tend to prize the advice of those who’ve “made it”. How can we reframe our discussions to value a diversity of experience?

That’s all from me this week. If you’ve read something particularly striking in the past week or so, please let me know. All the best for the week ahead.