Hit and Miss #43

Hello there!

It’s Canada Day and I’m visiting my grandparents. They arrived in Canada in the early 1960s, which prompted me to wear my Canada Centennial logo t-shirt. I got it from the Design Canada documentary, which I recently saw screened in Ottawa after supporting it on Kickstarter.

During the movie, they discuss the significance of Canada’s Centennial year and the logo developed for it. It was stamped into every sidewalk that year and generally plastered on official signage.

It was while watching the movie that I realized that my middle school’s logo incorporates the Centennial graphic—no surprise, given that the school was built in 1967 and named for the year.

Last year was “Canada’s 150th”. I’m quite skeptical of such branding, for both historical and contemporary reasons. This is my only comment on the events of last year:

My middle school, built in 1967, is named Centennial.

Where are the schools built in 2017 named Sesquicentennial??

I hope you avoid the heat today, if you can, and find some time to rest. All the best for the week ahead!


P.S. If you’re interested, consider reading a history of Canada Day.