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Hit and Miss #349


Plenty on the go today—the tyranny of small tasks, or whatever it’s called, loads of logistics to do on top of all the normal hopes and aspirations of a weekend.

In the most meta of ways, I’ve been reading a fair bit about digital reading, and re-thinking the tools I use to do so (using the neglected “notes” feature of my site for that thinking!).

Craig Mod shared some of his most recent thoughts on the theme, discussing the combo of Readwise Reader and an e-ink device for long-form digital reading.

Building on what I’d written in that note, in using Reader a bit the last few days, it scratches nicely my itch for better long-form digital reading and annotating. My normal approach is to encounter something in NetNewsWire on computer or phone and open it in the app or a tab. This leads either to blocked usage of the app (you can only open one thing at a time) or a pile of tabs. Reader, by contrast, tracks your progress in reading a piece, so it’s much lower stakes to walk away from it and come back later, without losing your place.

Also, Readwise isn’t VC-funded (as reaffirmed late 2022), which is another big plus to me (neither is Pinboard, which is part of why I like it—it’s one dude!).

As of this week, of course, I now need to go two places to find links to share in this newsletter (until I get Readwise/Reader -> Pinboard sync set up), but that’s a fine problem for now.

Now, some links plus tiny Lucas thoughts:

To finish, an assortment of fun links:

All the best for the week ahead!