First quarter updates

Hit and Miss #343

Ahahaha we’re a quarter done the year!? Ooooookay then.

Small chronicle of things that’ve happened since the start of the year, to mark time passing, and also because I’ve been light on the link reading this week and am soon hurrying out the door to a day of family visits:

  • We’re nicely settled into the house. Birds have become more and more plentiful in the yard (including two hawks this past week, one having a snack while the other collected twigs for a nest!), and we’re planning a garden plot as spring unfolds.
  • We welcomed Pema into our house and lives! Still unsure if she’ll hang around long term—our priority is getting her to a house where she’s comfortable and happy, which she mostly is in ours, but she doesn’t quite welcome Arthur’s form of play yet—but loving all the moments in the meantime.
  • I built a workbench, some workshop appliances (like a shooting board), and started plugging away at bigger projects. Making time for woodworking—whether at the bench, or on paper—has been such a highlight.
  • Plugged away at a data project (perennial status update, that one), which is now in a bit of a dependency update liminal space BUT I’LL GET TO IT, I PROMISE!!
  • Been moving the body in different ways: biking to work a few times a week, joined T on a few runs, and otherwise incorporating some more exercise into the day.
  • I’ve been journalling consistently-ish! Taking photos throughout the week, then going back and making entries based on those photos, has been a good way to prompt some recording and reflection. Hopefully more of that, and more consistently, going forward. (Hope springs eternal, etc etc.)

There’s more, I’m sure, but these are some of the happy updates that spring to mind. Happy end / start of fiscal to all who celebrate, here’s to finishing the taxes we started January 1, and all the best for the week ahead!