Love and friendship (and data and government)

Hit and Miss #337

Good evening!

It’s been a great week. T and I had some great meals out, plus time with friends (also involving excellent food, including a delicious chocolate torte). I also had a good number of catch-up and “future thinking” chats with folks—thanks to all of you who make the time to help me think through whatever I ramble about with you, it really helps.

I also received a (only slightly overdue) ATI response this week, which, coupled with the fortuitously-timed launch of Observable Framework (on which more below), had me working on a dataviz project this week that I’m excited to share with you soon. It’s some deeply nerdy government stuff, but the kind that, if made more accessible to folks, can hopefully empower.

Okay, on to the links! T and I have ice cream, Oreos, and Schitt’s Creek to get to!

All the best for the week ahead!