Existing in melancholy

Hit and Miss #283


Yesterday was one of varying degrees of angst and worry—the kind that, though not entirely gone, dissipates gradually with solitude and sleep. So, feeling (somewhat) better today. T was quick to remind me of environmental influences: it’s been frigid the past few days, and overcast or snowing otherwise; the extra friction (layers, steeling yourself, and so on) to a good outdoor experience has been part of bringing me down. Perhaps I need to embrace being dormant (or read Austin Kleon’s other posts on seasons).

Of course, another way to cope is by distracting yourself with interesting links—of which this week yielded plenty:

In book-reading news, my book club’s discussing Gideon the Ninth today, which I loved. Last night I started reading Outline by Rachel Cusk. It probably didn’t help the melancholy, but it’s drawing me in all the same.

All the best for the week ahead!