2022 to 2023

Hit and Miss #278


It’s been a pretty full day here (Italian families hang out on New Year’s Day, so I’m chock full of lentils and whatnot), after a full few weeks.

2022 was quite a year. Some notable personal changes, for my own (but public) record:

  • T and I moved in together (!!)
  • T and I adopted Arthur
  • I started regular therapy sessions (which have been great! but the great-ness definitely depends on who you’re working with. I used a matching service that helped quite a bit)
  • I started planning to get out a bit more (starting with some small concert trips in 2023)
  • We went on some nice hikes, particularly during the fall colour season
  • My family maintained our weekly catch-up calls, with T (and A, more often than not!) now a regular fixture
  • I said goodbye-for-now to CDS, after contributing to some cool things this year, including amending a law and making an Order in Council
  • I actually shipped a civic tech project, versus just creating an undocumented code or data repository
  • Folks around me went through the challenges of aging—I did my best to help when I could, or to be a supportive and listening ear when that was the most I could do

In the year ahead, one thing I’d like to do more of is journalling—taking time to reflect on how I’ve spent my time, instead of tracking it in detail (which I’ve more or less stopped doing, since the summer). I’m looking forward to filling that time with time with T, Arthur, myself, and yourselves—my wonderful friends and family.

I hope you’ve had some restful days, and have more ahead. All the best for the week, and year, ahead!