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Hit and Miss #274


It was a good week. Changes afoot, on which more another time—for now, reading and rest.

As an opening note, I really appreciated Sara Hendren’s framing of “critique and repair”, as two modes or posts from which we might engage the world and seek change (via a post by Hendren on “solutions journalism”):

Critique is alive and well (thank goodness!). What are its modes of action? Critique unmasks hidden or suppressed realities. It reveals ugly truths. It subverts or even negates mainstream or inherited or lazy narratives.

Repair language suggests new futures. It invites possibility. Perhaps it translates ideas from the past that might be reinvigorated or more accessibly understood, or perhaps it enchants by asking: what if? What if this new different thing could come to life?

But understanding each mode as a post—as a vantage with a view of the horizon that is necessarily partial, with particular assets and with unavoidable drawbacks—is one way to sidestep the often corrosive debates about “civility” that tend to explode in urgent times. Instead of policing the tone of others, wanting either less or more anger, less or more imagination and kindness, we might instead ask: What is my post?

With that—on to the links!

All the best for the week ahead!