Extremely online

Hit and Miss #272

For the Extremely Online™, this last week has been a continued horror show. It’s renewed and revitalized my impulse to have whatever I write (post, photo, etc) on the web under my roof, to homestead my digital presence.

To that end, I finally took some time to follow an idea I’d noted in August, to make my own site more IndieWeb, by setting up an IndieKit server. (Words!) That’s now running happily, enabling me to post notes to my site, which then get syndicated out to Mastodon. (Back then, I’d planned to send them to Twitter—alas, the time has come to leave.)

My first syndicated post was a test (successfully syndicated to Mastodon), to which I exuberantly replied shortly thereafter (it was posted originally on Mastodon, then copied back—still figuring out how I’ll handle that). It’s very nerdy, very fun, and deeply satisfying—who knows if I’ll actually post more short notes, but the plumbing’s all in place now, if I want to.

All the best for the week ahead!