Promises to self

Hit and Miss #271

I’ve been lacking the motivation to go outside the last few weeks—little surprise, as the seasons change and our bodies only gradually adapt. And as I write that, it starts snowing! Alas. Promising myself to get out, a little and often if that’s what it takes, will get me through it.

The last week or so has been full of lovely family time. It also had a fair bit of screen time (though less than if I’d been working, I suppose), eyes glued to the rapid decline of Twitter, mind thinking about the possibilities of Mastodon and elsewhere. I promised myself I’d take a break this weekend, but between working on a side project and playing Flight Simulator, thus far that hasn’t worked out.

Promises, eh? Perhaps the only promise to self we can truly, fairly make is to give ourselves grace for the times we inevitably fall short of our hopes or expectations.

Kinda neat, the first two buckets of links are also about promises, in their own ways. Maybe the third, too, if we consider bureaucracy a state’s promise to be able to serve its citizenry. Anywho, time to try to keep one of those promises to self and get outside! All the best for the week ahead.