Constitutional unconstitutionalism

Hit and Miss #270

I’m pretty tired, so I won’t dive into the big thing of the week—constitutional unconstitutionalism is what I’ve been calling it, and yes, sure, in a formal legal sense this is probably permissible, and yes, sure, there’s good political theory in favour of (at least some degree of) parliamentary supremacy (though there’s also good stuff in favour of judicial review! there are no absolutes!), and yes, of course, it’d be great if kids could be in school, but this is a chilling attack on labour, which makes pretty much everything possible, so it’s right to be up in arms, and it’s well past time for workers to get their due. Each of those breathless sentence segments warrants at least a paragraph of its own, but that’ll (have to) do for today.

Ooooookay—all the best for the week ahead! Particularly to those on the picket lines.