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Hit and Miss #267

Hello there!

It’s been a few weeks of glorious fall colours. T and I have been making a point of getting out, to bask in some of this precious season while it lasts. (Seasons are so funny—the quintessential part of fall lasts for perhaps a third of the season, followed by at least a month of dreariness. Sigh.)

Inside the house, most of the plants are struggling, after having previously thrived. We think it’s something in the soil—either that, or some airborne infection or invisible pests. (It could be our plant care technique, too, but it’s been a suspiciously coordinated decline.) It’s overwhelming to deal with all of them, hard to accept the loss (or significant trimming) of some beloved green friends. But there’s also, I suppose, some embrace of life’s cycle in doing so, an acceptance of earth passing to earth that comes with this season. So it goes.

Onto the links!

Oh, my book club just finished reading and discussing Pachinko, by Min Jin Lee (which T had originally recommended to me). It’s great—I highly encourage you to read it, if you’d been considering doing so. All the best for the week ahead!