Doing our parts

Hit and Miss #237

It’s here—we’ve gone from “springlike” to “spring”, at least officially. There’s still snow on the ground, and ice in the rivers, but it’s melting quickly. Indeed, on this morning’s walk I saw the ice breaker that’s a sure sign of spring in Ottawa. (It’s not quite an icebreaking hovercraft, but it’s neat nonetheless.)

In too many ways, it feels like last year’s newsletter from around this time still holds up:

Yesterday was the first day of spring. I woke relatively early, layered up (these edge weeks are so odd—chilly mornings, “hot” afternoons), and ventured out, binoculars in hand. The birds are (coming) back, and I was glad to bear witness.

It feels like we’re racing ahead. Toward, on the one hand, as I wrote last week, a third wave here in Ontario. Toward, on the other, genuinely brighter days ahead. (I mean, the days will lengthen for a few months, so I suppose that’s not merely a metaphorical statement.)

With the lifting of mask mandates, erosion of local control, and “stealth Omicron”, it all feels like a “we’ve been here before” kind of situation. But never have folks been so on their own, particularly those at higher risk from the virus. Not to mention the pretty widespread, and poorly understood, risk of long COVID. Sigh. I have few words to share at this point—just a knowing nod of appreciation to those still doing their part to protect their community.

Tidbits from the past week!

All the best for the week ahead.