Where have the snow days gone

Hit and Miss #228

Good afternoon!

It’s blustery here in Ottawa, and it looks like we have an enormous storm headed our way. I miss snow days, whether staying home from school or leaving early from work, but I look forward to seeing the flakes (drifts, more likely) pile up outside my window tomorrow. Clementines are on sale, the Canal is open for skating, stepping outside requires a few minutes of layering—we’re properly in winter now, and I love it.

Throughout the pandemic, my philosophy toward local business has been to “support the ones you want to see through”. One of my go-tos to that end has been Brown Loaf Bakery, a spot on Elgin I’ve long loved. It seems like Brown Loaf was recently robbed and its owner attacked in the process. We went by this morning to show our support—though the shelves were emptier than usual (likely due to so many others doing the same), the friendly owner was there, cheerfully greeting everybody despite the incident. Support the ones you want to see through, my friends—Brown Loaf is a good candidate. I recommend the scones.

Some reading and other amusements from this week:

All the best for the week ahead!