Digging roots

Hit and Miss #226

Good evening, and a good new year to you! I just jolted out of bed, realizing I hadn’t yet sent this newsletter—blame it on a day of driving.

I haven’t had much time yet to reflect on the past year or the one to come. The pandemic’s effects on time are especially noticeable at times like these, as I can’t remember many specific events off the top of my head, but it feels like it was, altogether, a decent year. For me, it included moving to a new apartment, continuing at my job, enjoying a wonderful relationship, and visiting with friends and family.

As ever, I’m learning how to be, settling into whoever I am, cultivating new practices and trimming away old ones. This newsletter is one channel for that—a place to wonder aloud, to share, to document. It reflects, I hope, Ursula Franklin’s definition of thinking:

I think of “thinking” not only as a very enjoyable activity but also as something akin to taking your mind for a walk around a question the way you might take a dog around the block for a walk.

I’m grateful to you for reading along (and for chiming in!), participating in that thinking, as we all grow together.

In years past, I’ve chosen a word for the year, inspired by Sameer. While I’m not quite settled on the word for this year, I’m leaning toward “roots” or “rooting”—embracing my situation, digging ever deeper, and strengthening myself as part of my community.

In particular, I’d like to get involved with a local organization of some kind; I’m not sure which, yet, though I have a few ideas, revolving around helping others directly, and local government (this is a municipal election year, after all). I think “rooting” connects well with that idea: while I’ve now lived in Ottawa for more than five years, I’ve been here mostly as a function of school or work; I’d like to be part of the community in more direct ways, committing to this wonderful city, which doesn’t always live up to its potential.

As ever, we’ll see where that goes :) I hope you’ve had or soon have a chance to rest. If it’s been a while since we caught up, let’s do that—I’d love to hear from you. All the best for the week—and year—ahead!