Leaves pass to soil

Hit and Miss #215

Good afternoon!

Isn’t fall grand? Fiery trees give way to a satisfying crunch underfoot, ultimately yielding the musty smell of decaying leaves. Leaves pass to soil, death serves as nourishment for future life, and we head into another season of quiet preparation. Gardening crews are clearing beds and planting tulip bulbs, giving them time to overwinter before bursting forth in spring. It’s a handy metaphor for how we might spend those months to come—winter as a time to grow roots, to prepare for future bursting forth.

But, of course, winter’s a ways away yet. I’ve had a persistent fear this year of missing the changing leaves, as if there’d be one day of brilliant colour and all’d be lost if I missed it. In reality, some trees remain green and full even today—change is a gradual process, and when it comes to fall colours, it’s best to wonder at the spectacular leaves we do get to see.

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