Cool sunsets

Hit and Miss #204

August!! Welcome to the summer-y month where we start to get a hint of that most wonderful of seasons, fall. There’s heat yet to come, but the last few days of cool weather have me excited for the months ahead.

Last night, around 8, I was waffling on whether to take an evening stroll—I’ve been out for numerous walks over the last few days, and my feet were a bit sore. Plus, clouds had moved in during the evening, so I figured there wouldn’t be any sunset of note. Finally, I went for it, thinking to myself that I’ve never regretted going for a walk.

Coming out, I saw streaks of colour in the sky between the buildings. Suddenly seized with the idea of catching whatever sunset I could, I broke my “never run” rule (running is a sign of poor planning), racing down the block until I could get a clear view. It wasn’t a spectacular sunset, but sometimes you need to follow those gut feelings. A little bunny watched with me—a beautiful moment made better for being shared.

After some time away (moving and other distractions), I finally picked up my trumpet again yesterday. My mouth muscles are weak, but it felt so good to be back at it. Maybe there’s something you’ve similarly been meaning to get back to—give it a go if you can!

That’s it from me for today. All the best for the week ahead!