Summer dreaming

Hit and Miss #201

Hello, and a happy Sunday to you! My week was filled with family time, which has been wonderful.

Such time reminded me of the quiet reassurance that comes from physical presence—though we’ve muddled through these sixteen months of video calls admirably, there’s no denying the special magic of being close to people, especially if those relationships developed in a physical setting. Visiting doesn’t require much talking; indeed, silence itself can be affirming. Here’s to more of that in times ahead.

To that end, some quiet dreams for the summer and months to come:

  • Keep my new houseplants alive—give them life as they do so for me.
  • Listen to albums while reading the paper in weekend-y morning light.
  • Make sugo on Sunday mornings.
  • Host an Italian-style dinner.
  • Paint or stain some unfinished pine shelves.

And, to close things out, here are some links I read over the last week(ish):

Maybe one or two in there will pique your interest. All the best for the week ahead!