What’s on the mind

Hit and Miss #194

Hello there!

The weather here in Ottawa is all over the place. Scorching yesterday during the day, a hot breeze in the evening, then we barely touched 20 today. What a time of year, what a city—and what a moment to live in, as the cumulative effects of climate change continue to manifest themselves.

Ottawa’s vaccine rollout lately has been a classic example of “Autowa”. All but one of the mass vaccination clinics, until very recently, have been located outside of the downtown core—so those living downtown without cars must either find their way to one of the suburbs, or wait for a shot closer to them. Ottawa, the city that never quite manages to meet your expectations.

Speaking of Ottawa disappointments, I enjoyed this profile of the Diefenbunker, considered through the lens of COVID-19’s emphasis on isolation. It’s a neat place, if ever you’re able to go. (You’ll need access to a car, of course 😉)

I’ve had my head in Star Trek land lately—listening to podcasts, watching favourite episodes, and playing Star Trek Online now and again. In addition to Black Alert Podcast, I’ve been enjoying Women At Warp. Both have review episodes and thematic ones—all enlightening, for those who enjoy Trek!

And here, randomly, are some books I’m planning to buy:

The brain feels slower than usual. Maybe I’m still hibernating, though winter is more than two thirds of a season behind is. Regardless, we carry on. All the best for the week ahead!