Hit and Miss #193


We’re solidly into spring, now—it certainly feels so outside. The days heat up, though they’re not too muggy yet—here’s hoping for a gradual transition.

Perhaps most excitingly for me, other than the birds being back, are the flowers pushing out. It seems that each year I tune into one more flower, seeing it everywhere and always reaching for it—last year, it was lilac; this year, magnolia.

My grandparents, parents, and sister have long impressed me with their gardening know-how. My dad and Oma, in particular, can rattle off the names of the plants around them, adding yet more colour to already bursting displays through their description and commentary.

When faced with people with such seemingly all-encompassing knowledge, it’s easy to turn off and tune out, to assume we can’t amass similarly comprehensive know-how through our own efforts. I’ve long fallen prey to that assumption, allowing information outside my narrow range of interests to just wash over me, maybe sticking, likely not.

But lately I‘ve been embracing a slower, wider approach. As I’ve written previously, I try to live as if life is long, full of moments to slowly widen and deepen our understanding. For me, with flowers, it seems to be going at the pace of about one or two a year. Learning, as with gardening, is a long game—and what a fun one at that.

All the best for the week ahead! I hope it includes some beautiful flowers, whether you know their names or not.