Another day older, closer to the grave

Hit and Miss #180

It was a lovely week here in Ottawa—sunny, not too cold, ideal for long rambles. My adventures brought me to Hog’s Back Falls and the skateable extent of the Canal, McKay Lake and the eastern portion of the Ottawa River pathway, and always, always, back to the Rideau River, so often the backbone of my travels in this underrated city.

I relished the chance to walk on my own, the trails mostly empty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to socialize with people, and have a pretty full calendar—but sometimes you need some solitary wandering, nourishing the soul. (Birds gave me good company. The cold drives many south, but those that remain are a real treat.)

I also encountered some great links!

That’s it from me for today! I’m going to go sit in the sunny front room and idly draw letters. Let the brain wander, when you’re able—embrace boredom, or whatever comes. It’ll do more good than you realize.

All the best for the week ahead!