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Hit and Miss #174

Hellooooo! I hope you’re well. The snow on the trees feels properly like winter and the holiday season—hoorah!

This week, I’ve watched opera (it was Pavarotti week at the Met), played Civ VI (as mercantilist French nestled unrealistically around Eyjafjallajökull), and eaten several charcuterie boards. Life’s good.

I’ve also encountered great links!

  1. This one’s heavy. They Were Loved shares short, moving obituaries to lives lost in Canada from the pandemic.
  2. The critical analysis you didn’t know you wanted—Tressie McMillan Cottom considers the feminism of Hallmark movies.
  3. Two interesting economic analyses: immigration has little-to-no effect on the wages of people already in a country; empty homes taxes do something for the housing market, but set expectations low. (I love that Mountain Doodles shares their posts as code with the data analysis built in.)
  4. Chris Coyier has it right: Feedbin plus a feed reader like NetNewsWire is a sublime way to keep up with blogs. Blogs—they’re great!
  5. (niche nerdery alert) On Future Fonts, you can buy a typeface in its earliest stages of development, receive free updates, and read the designer’s thought process as they go. The earlier you buy, the cheaper the typeface—a great way to support early career type designers. (I’m noodling on a redesign, so you know I’m poking around here a bunch.)
  6. If you haven’t already read the pasta conspiracy story, you should: “Why is there a Bucatini shortage in America?” (For any in Ottawa who need, I think I have some bucatini in my strategic pasta reserves. Oh yeah, I have those.)

All the best for the week ahead, friend!