Hit and Miss #168


I’m off on an adventure this morning, to buy valve oil from a music store in suburban Ottawa. Ah, the joys of living without a car. But I’m excited to take a stroll through some new-to-me neighbourhoods on the way.

We’re also now at those last four or so weeks of the year when things always ramp up for me—they’ll pass in a stressful blur, and then be done. (I have a hankering to head off to some wintery cabin for a week in the new year, to decompress and celebrate my higher education accomplishment—but the logistics involved in COVID times are a bit funky.)

The newsletters for the next few weeks may be a bit leaner or less thinky thinky than I’d like. So it goes!

Some links:

That’s all from me for today. All the best for the week ahead. Keep on trying to make your corner better—sometimes it’s all we can ask for.