Trivial links

Hit and Miss #166


If your week went anything like mine did, there was a lot of refreshing Twitter, scrolling, doing something else, refreshing Twitter, scrolling, etc etc. (I did productively channel some of that by repeatedly running through music theory exercises.)

There hasn’t been a lot of brain space for thinking, so it’ll be a bit quieter today. While I have various thoughts on the U.S. election, I won’t use this space for those—I’ll just reiterate what I said last week, that freedom, justice, and democracy require constant vigilance.

A few links did catch my attention this week, fun bits of trivia:

This morning, I’m listening to Elton John’s Live in Australia (“Burn Down the Mission” is a favourite of mine from this album). I’m looking forward to going on a long walk (I just got back to Ottawa and already ran into some friends last evening while out and about—what a city!), followed by who knows what. It’s sunny, the skies are blue—on with the day!

I hope you have similarly joyful plans. All the best for the week ahead!