Remembering (how) to relax

Hit and Miss #154

Friday afternoon, I wrapped up work and began my longest stretch of time off since 2017. It started with driving country roads to a windy fish and chips picnic with family, so I’m in good spirits.

It’s been a long, high intensity summer. Not what I’d planned, but not so bad for having happened. To unwind, I have various hijinks planned for the next few weeks:

  • building a website for my parents’ walking group
  • digitizing home movies
  • reading The Power Broker
  • watching some silly films
  • taking day trips with family
  • walking old routes (in Waterloo, in Ottawa)
  • letting my mind wander

There’s not much computer time planned—my eyes need to refocus, looking beyond the day’s calendar entries. I’m thinking about Resilient Web Design and the varied meanings of accessibility as I tinker with web projects, but hope I won’t spend too much time online. Apologies in advance if my writing here is brief or barren for the next few weeks. But who knows, maybe time away from the screen will yield more thoughts worth sharing than I anticipate.

I hope you’re well. All the best for the week ahead.