Snapshots of the week

Hit and Miss #149

Another quiet week for my brain—filled with family time and working time, with little else going on. And that’s okay!

Some snapshots of my week (in words because I’m not a photo guy):

  • Bread pudding, more appetizing than it sounds. (Maybe just me, but the name isn’t a draw if you’ve never had it before.)
  • Being supported by good colleagues (friends) at work, means so much.
  • Eating takeout in a park, worth the postural pain. (I have weak core strength, so sitting on the ground to eat is not comfy for me. But it can be lovely!)
  • Driving on country roads with sunny skies, lovely except for one’s environmental conscience.
  • Data analysis during downtime—so, uh, relaxing?
  • Reading for hours in a row, it’s nourishing! (This week, I continued with A Sand County Almanac and started/almost finished The Fifth Season.)
  • Supporting the food spots you want to see through—restaurants, bakeries, and so on—is totally worth it. (Evidently food was a big part of the week, as seems so often the case.)

Okay, I’m out! But two links before I go: how to ask good questions, by Julia Evans; on transformative justice and what we demand of it, by Ejeris Dixon via Mandy Brown.

All the best for the week ahead.