Who’s watching?

Hit and Miss #145

Hello there!

It’s a gorgeous day in Ottawa, as far as the weather goes. It was good to get out and breathe a bit today—life hasn’t let up, but being in the sun usually puts it in another light.

Surveillance and privacy are big in the news the last little bit. But when haven’t they been these past few years?

The last link, coupled with a growing discussion around defunding the police, brings us to these two. It’s on us to watch the police while demanding and building non-violent futures:

In Ottawa, this conversation is… going about as you’d expect from this city council.

I’m looking forward to what comes of Rawlson King’s recent appointment as “Council Liaison for Anti-Racism and Ethnocultural Relations Initiatives” (though this work seems woefully underfunded…).

That’s it from me for today. Friends, as Tatiana Mac noted, beware of burnout and practice “sustainable strategies for activism”. All the best for the week ahead.