What to say

Hit and Miss #144

What to say—what not to say. When to speak—when not to speak. To whom to listen, to whom to cede the floor.

Struggling over words aside, there’s one phrase that’s unquestionably appropriate for the current moment: Black lives matter.

Again, I turn to others’ words:

Many of you work, as I do, in the public sector—don’t let that provide you an excuse for silence. As public servants, we must serve the whole public, and it’s on us to advance these conversations internally and, wherever possible, externally. (That “wherever possible” is wider than many of us admit to ourselves—advocating against racism, against white supremacy isn’t a partisan issue, and if it becomes so, well, let’s shut the door on that.) And we ought also to consider our own house, wherever we have influence over it: consider the near total lack of anyone but white people at the highest ranks of the federal public service, and potential reforms to address that inequity.

All the best for the week ahead.