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Hit and Miss #122

Hello! Here’s to you, here’s to 2020—let’s take this one with gusto, shall we? (Or, y’know, with whatever we can muster. I’m here with and for you regardless.)

My morning writing time evaporated when I fell down a rabbit hole of searching the Library and Archives archival collections catalogue and poking around digitized microforms in Héritage. What’d I find? Lots of potentially interesting records about postal service in Canada, for the most part. Update: I just spent another half hour poking around the archival collections. Oops. But also, yay! Maybe something for future research and writing.

I wrote this in my phone last night, as I started out on a walk:

A good walk does not start out warm. It starts cool, or, in the terrible days of summer, comfortable. Then you walk vigorously and warm up, opening a layer or two as you go.

This left me thinking about the qualities of a good walk. In no particular order, here are a few:

  • The weather and your outfit allow the walk to carry on indefinitely. Energy is the only major constraint on the duration or distance of the walk.
  • It’s got enough quiet in it. Occasional noise (like a busy street) is usually inevitable—and sometimes even welcome!—but a sense of silence or calm definitely enhances the walk.
  • Maybe it’s with somebody else. It’s usually nice to share a walk with somebody, but sometimes you need solitude. If there are other people, preferably not too many—unless it’s meant to be a big group, like a walking tour or walking group. The more people, the harder it gets to keep a steady pace or decide where to ramble.

(Apologies if my use of “you” jarred you. It’s an internal debate of mine.)

As you can probably tell, my brain is a bit scattered today. I haven’t had much need to develop a coherent thread of thoughts for a few weeks—that’ll come back, soon enough. To close, then, I’ll share a few interesting links from my recent browsing:

That’s all from me for today. I hope you’re doing well. All the best for the week ahead!