The slump

Hit and Miss #109

Whether feeling especially up or down, it’s good to remember that the other will come soon enough. The peak transforms into a slump. But some things can pull us from the slump—bypassing the waiting, sometimes.

This afternoon, I fell into a bit of a slump. Low energy, low motivation, and so on. Today’s is no doubt amplified by a late night/early morning and a stuffed head.

Given this, I’m not in a great position to think out a newsletter. So instead I’ll share some of the things I did to (kinda) pull me up and awake:

And, maybe most importantly, not pushing myself! Sometimes when you’re feeling meh it’s best to give yourself some time to rest. So that’s the plan—no work today, just puttering about.

All the best for the week ahead—next week’s Thanksgiving, so it may be a short letter then, too, but who knows. Talk more then! And thank you, as always, for listening.