Happy days

Hit and Miss #101

Hello there!

I’ll try to keep this one short, as I’m soon off to help a friend move and then head home to Waterloo.

Yesterday was a very happy day. One I’d like to remember. This issue is a bit of a note to self, but also an update about the kind of things I’m enjoying most these days. Forgive the indulgence.

What was so great about yesterday, and recent days?

  • Time with family and friends over great food. Namely, meat and cheese, BBQ, homemade desserts, and ice cream. (Per last week’s principle.)
  • Fall temperatures with summer sun.
  • Staying up too late analyzing datasets for fun.
  • Reflecting on my previous year and my vision for the year ahead—taking stock and correcting course.
  • Rereading old favourites, like “This is Water”.
  • Discussing local government at length with folks who know a lot about it.
  • Running walking tours, discussing the history of local buildings, sharing the city I love.
  • Meeting friends of friends with similar interests.

There’s more, but that’ll have to do for now. As you can tell, many of these are things that can be shared—if you’d like to, let’s hang out! In the meantime, here are some things I’m thinking about:

All the best for the week ahead!