Pre-data collection meeting notes

Narrative note: At this point, I’d found the newsletters of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario. I knew they contained something interesting, but we had to figure out what was worth investigating.

  • Could do a prosapography (a collective biography) of contributors
  • Conference theme of “Computing Knows No Borders”: clearly an optimistic take
  • Who is missing from contributors? What voices/perspectives/sectors aren’t found in Output?
  • Content analysis: could consider the people involved or what they discussed (or some combination of both)
  • How did contributions change with time?
  • What were the hopes? Why werepeople willing to dedicate time to this [educational computing and/or Output]?
  • Studying articles and collecting some authorship information to allow basic demographic analysis
  • Articles to read: Edward Ayers, “Does Digital Scholarship Have a Future?”; Chad Gaffield, “The surprising ascendance of Digital Humanities