Work isn’t the whole thing

Two notes from Frank Chimero on keeping life in perspective

It is almost inevitable that while reading words from Frank Chimero, I find myself nodding in vigorous agreement. Whether it’s the point he’s making or the way he says it, I always find it useful.

This week, I found myself nodding while reading an interview published at

Here’s what I believe: Reading and meditation open up your head and re-establish a better pace of time versus the frenzied internet. Cooking balances out the sensory experience of design work by giving you texture, smell, and taste. Personal loss forces you take your job a little less seriously. Self-reflection and good relationships help you see yourself as a part of the family of things. These don’t necessarily have much to do with design, but if I take care of my whole self, the part of me that is my job follows. Nothing else has ever worked.

Two: do the simple things well, because the simple things happen every day. This is everything from sleeping without your phone at the bedside to your typography skills to how you treat other people. It all matters.

Frank Chimero