winston the third

as I expanded my capacity to experience joy, I also found I wanted more than Oliver’s negation statement (of what joy is not meant to be). And thus, in a moment of silliness, I typed into a group chat the declaration that “joy is made to be a big crusty loaf.” A mantra, newly resonant, delivered to me from my dad joke brain.

I also like how Winston Hearn uses his shelves of already owned books to guide what to read in the year ahead, versus buying more (lol):

So I thoughts to myself, what if I survey my bookshelves and build a reading list based on what I have! Maybe I’ll find 10 or 12 really exciting books that will help reduce my desire to buy more books! I did this, and uh, I found 32 books (plus there are 3 more on the way lol).

1:05 pm on January 8, 2023