Socially acceptable anxiety is still anxiety

This piece on anxiety and worrying came at just the right time. Think of worrying like drinking: it’s socially acceptable to drink some, but not to get drunk on it. And, accept that sometimes we’ll need help to stick to a reasonable amount!

I had been chugging bottles of liquid worry, and the first thing I needed was someone to tell me, “Hey, that doesn’t seem to be helping.”

I’d like to live in a world where we offer that to one another. A world where it’s fine to feel fear, but not to live in it. Sometimes bad things happen, and bad things might happen at any time. That’s scary, but we can’t think ourselves out of it, and we shouldn’t let each other pretend that we can.

So, are you afraid? Me too—I’m the guy who can’t muster the courage to tell someone when he’s gotta pee. I regret to inform you that our fears will only grow unless we face them; unfortunately, we must be brave. But it’s easier to be courageous when you have company. So if you’ll be brave, I will too. In just a second, I’ll be right back.

5:13 pm on November 2, 2022